Magny-Cours and Imola: killing two birds with one stone

Generally speaking, killing is graceless, all the more, if we are talking about tiny little birds. But how can we tell about the weekend when the team is going to kill two birds with one stone having been divided in two parts?


The most tense weekend of the season is ahead!

One was built for bikers, the other – for racing car drivers. Both represented their country in the Royal Races. One is clockwise, the other – anticlockwise. One is in PCCI, the other – in PCCF. And both are this weekend! Imola and Magny-Cours, and we go... in both directions!


X-files. How to read pace notes

Tsunami RT was started as a rally team, and we still feel tenderness for this discipline. The rally champion of Ukraine and Russia Irina Kolomeytseva tells us about the co-driver secrets.


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